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Kopratasa - Aku Bukan Musuh Harta mp3

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PETALING JAYA: “I speak the issue is inside poetic language. What they want fetch I to stage for verbal politics?," like that Mufti Perlis's former spontaneous reaction, Dr Asri Zainul Abidin when asked to comment of Radio Televisyen Malaysia party's action (RTM) ban his poetry song 'I Not Property Enemy.'

This poetry song is sang by Kopratasa's group in album new “Yours Sincerely Fixed True," and had been distributed by's group on last month.

“Those who ban that lyric actually has not identical with effort to combat bribery.

“Where rough word they mean the? If lyrics that does not developing variety moral and politeness be allowed, why not by my poetry 'I Not Property Enemy?," say Dr Asri in fact counter from his residence in Lampeter, United Kingdom this morning.

Official statement that is issued by the station yesterday explain RTM only approve song according to language moral value and politeness by technical aspect agree by Jawatankuasa valuers panel.

“Songs be sent to RTM either individual or recording company were subjected to Jawatankuasa Panel Penilaian Lagu-Lagu RTM," say RTM in the statement.
Previously Penyiaran Director General's Deputy, Datuk Adilah Shek Omar, also defend action RTM bans Dr Asri's song with say, song 'I Not Property Enemy' Kopratasa group's song the does not go through because his lyric is unsuitable and rough.

Song ban news Dr Asri noisily talked about last week when RTM decides ban Aku Bukan Musuh Harta's song broadcasting. However radio station and private television only that also ban this song.

Apart from difficult, Dr Asri also wondering where wrong the banned lyric of he.

“I surprised why my lyric 'I Not Property Enemy' banned by parties concern, whereas his inside moral value is high, it is not are targeted on certain parties, but for anyone only those abuse people's property and public.
“In our country today variety party own government, that song having lesson for all.

“Do not you prevent something general expression or general lesson which eventually others would accuse that andalah particular person than those general or general the," say Dr Asri who are now staying in UK for the period a year of leave sabatikalnya. She said more,"I write the lyric to remind whosoever which deals with public property and people. His meaning what government struggle eradicate corruption if lyric like that even banned?

“Fill its announce and to all sides awareness, why were those guilt?

“All sides know that I not politics people, then when I write my lyric is free from seat interest or political party. They wrong if so act," say this famous religious figure.

Song lyrics 'I Not Property Enemy' this controversy suddenly become bring cynical and full meaning figurative and which language also used beautiful.
Apprehend before this song is banned, there are proposal to make this song as campaign song to stamp out corruption.

Survey which made in also showed sale album 'Yours Sincerely Fixed True' very encouraging because many curious why song 'I Not Property Enemy' banned.

Among others song lyrics 'I Not Property Enemy' was “Yeah had been wealthy liar shelf, their condition forget Yang Esa, people's property all whip, public property all dibekam, their devil law God."

Other than write eight the song lyrics, Dr Asri presented two poem entitled Itulah Nama's Politics its and Salah Menduga in album Yang Benar Tetap Benar.

source: Mstar Online (Bahasa Melayu)

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