Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Felda estates filled with wild boar, claimed Mazlan

TEMERLOH, December 14, 2010: Felda claim as the best land development agency, denied because there are still many shortcomings and failures of these agencies, especially in the replanting.

President of the National Settler children (Children), Mazlan Aliman disclose his failure to find evidence of Felda settlers certainly is detrimental to the estate submitted to the agency.

According to Mazlan, the evidence discovered in Felda Felda Chiku 1 and is memeranjatkanya Prasu Felda and did not think that was allegedly the world's best agencies doing the work is going to be replanted.

"The evidence that I find it very surprising because the agency claimed not think Felda plantation work best but failed to do harm but the replanting of the best settlers.

"One of the first Deputy Minister Datuk Ahmad Maslan said Felda withhold funds for replanting fund (TTS) as there are settlers planted themselves and purchase other goods and farm bush full of wild pigs. Now I want to show, fields filled with wild boar Felda, "he said.

Mazlan said in a media conference here recently after returning from a visit to the Felda settlers after receiving complaints from the affairs of replanting their farms to the Authority.

During the visit, Mazlan was taken to the operating field that includes the affected Felda has not grown, merimbun bush and palm trees are stunted because there is no conservation.

Mazlan, who is also chairman of the Land Development PAS central committee, said the failure of the settlers would have charged for the cost of embroidery cause the total debt and loans of living increases.

"For Felda, the settlers did not result in increased debt problems because they are giving loans instead penerokalah to be in debt more and higher interest rates failed to achieve even Felda replanting.

"What is of concern, any settlers who failed to develop Felda fields will bear the costs and high interest loans from other settlers, while the settlers did not have the power to claim Felda to bear the cost of planting failure," he said.

According to Mazlan again, through an agreement with the Felda settlers, the settlers did not have any rights in the late Felda successful replanting. In fact, the settlers also were not given their farm management financial statements of the Authority.

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