Monday, September 26, 2011

Kelantan commited to implement Hudud

KOTA BARU Sept. 25, 2011. - Although the implementation of hudud hard resisted by the DAP, but it turned out to be ignored by the Pass.

It is evident from the Menteri Besar Kelantan, Datuk Nik Abdul Aziz Nik Mat, insisted the state was now in an effort to introduce hudud enactment in the list of Shariah law in court.

He is also General Mursyidul Pas said the move was to enable the judges to use in the trial of an act if there is a prima facie case.

"Our effort now is that I include in the list of hudud laws in Kelantan Syariah court.

"We just want to introduce hudud enactment of the list so that the courts of law can use this act, any cases in court, the judge will determine there is prima facie to no if there is prima facie evidence of solicitor advocates have nothing," he said told reporters here today.

He was speaking after opening celebration Farmers, Breeders and Fishermen at the state level in the grounds of the Sultan Mohammed IV Stadium here. Also present were the Chairman of the Agriculture, Rural Industries and Biotechnology State, Che Abdullah Mat Nawi.

Kelantan government's move is expected to spark another 'conflict' with the DAP chairman Karpal Singah against the implementation of hudud.

Although Karpal today consider Nik Abdul Aziz as "the old man who wanted attention, but when asked to comment on the statement of the Chief Minister of Kelantan said he" respects the views Karpal as the elderly who have long been in the legal and there is no dispute '.

Nik Abdul Aziz, however, there should not be a misunderstanding among opposition parties about the intention to implement hudud Pass.

Elaborating Karpal's statement, Nik Abdul Aziz said he did not feel anything even the DAP chairman also touched on the personal.

He explained the other hand, it is better the country received hudud than implementing the mandatory sentence to death for offenses such as drugs and guns.

This is because he said it causes the individual families suffering because there's nowhere to be dependent.

"These gross people do not die, I die when due hudud man, why he is so busy, busy because like I said tadilah, people are afraid to be afraid to hadd like ghosts," he said.

Asked whether he would attend the meeting scheduled for Wednesday's opposition coalition, Nik Abdul Aziz told, he is now in a state of unhealthy and do not know whether to attend or otherwise.

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