Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Another Photo of Proton MPV

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Here is another photo of Proton MPV taken at East West Highway during the CarSTUDIO photo shoot last month. Rumours said that Proton will be launch the MPV earlier than what their Managing Director Datuk Syed Zainal Abidin Syed Mohamed Tahir said before. This is because of marketing strategy to put the Proton MPV as family car in MPV segment as a successfully automobile as what they achieved like Proton SAGA and Proton PERSONA.

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*Updated Info : According to Mr Paul Tan from and another commentator on this blog, this photo is fake. So judge yourself whether it is true or not. Actually I did some searching in the internet and its true.


  1. i'm pretty sure this is another photoshop pics. Just look at the proton badge there... looks more like it have been pasted there.....

  2. this is the mazda 8

  3. Penipu BESAR... haRi2 kenciNg kuat... East-West Highway konon... tgk gamabr tu pun aku dah tau dier kat Jepun or European Country... yg bawak kete tu pun nmpk mcm org Jepun... dah x payah bace bLog Ni... nie blog penipu... tunGgu aje Paul Tan reveal kat bLog dier...

  4. If proton is testing a car, would they not cover up the proton badge, and remove the word mpv, and they usually do?

  5. stupid la u! that is obviously fake. go check ur eyes la dumb dumb

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  7. hahaha itu mazda...kalau macam tu punya design memang ramai ler yang beli.Aku pun minat jugak.Tapi harge tu berpatutan la...

  8. haha mazda tu macam tu aku pun nak beli.Tapi rege berpatutan laa...


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