Thursday, February 28, 2008

Kereta Dua Alam / Kereta Selam / Squba Car / Amphibian Car

Squba 1

Previously, it only in the film. A amphibious car can be driven ashore and in the water as in the film James Bond, The Spy Who Loved Me. But, currently a company Switzerland realize it. Named sQuba, that car wake by designer Swiss, Rinspeed Inc. and it are expected will 'shocking' many when make emergence in Geneva Auto Show by next month.

Chief executive officer that the company, Frank Rinderknecht which acknowledges as fan Bond says, he have been waiting during 30 year to 'rebuild' car ever use by actor, Roger Moore that. SQuba's car can bring you get into water until depth 30 feet (9.1 metre). However, you had to put on wet shirt.

The car built with a sloping top that is open simultaneously bring consumer meaning would not escape from dampen. "For the purpose of security, we has built as it vehicle open then this vehicle consumer can bail out swiftly happens if emergency," said Rinderknecht.

Squba 2

Passenger will breathable in the water go through a compression tank equivalent integration air as those in use scuba dive. Maximum speed sQuba in land is about 124 kilometres per hour and speed would decreased until five kilometres per hour on the surface water and speed three kilometres per hour in the water.

Work with engineering specialist, Rinspeed Inc. change engine use incinerator chamber from a car sport to several electric motors. Three engine placed behind car with one provide driving propel in land and two more to driving in the water.

"We always want to produce car beyond the bounds, which there was nobody ever doing him. So, we think, come on build car dive!" said Rinderknecht. His interior design is designed resilient salt water, go enable it am being piloted in the lake or sea. Rinspeed Inc. currently still deep discussion with makers commercial vehicle to generate sQuba to limited number.

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